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The Museum Services Exchange (MUSE)

The Museum Services Exchange (MUSE) is a program of consulting services provided by and for members of the Georgia Association of Museums. Experienced museum professionals provide information and feedback to museums, large and small. The goal of MUSE is to improve Georgia's museums.

Museums, both new and emerging, as well as established, can apply for a MUSE consultation in relation to an area of need. These needs can range from developing organizational structure to collection management, from exhibit design to labeling to educational outreach, from membership concerns to financial resources development.

Deadlines for MUSE grant applications are February 1, May 1, August 1, and November 1. Applicants for MUSE awards must be members of GAM for at least a year before applying. The number of consultations depends upon funding provided by the MUSE auction held at each annual meeting of GAM. Hosts must agree to provide travel expenses, food and lodging for consultants. GAM will only provide honoraria for consultants to not-for-profit museums and galleries. For-profit organizations may ask MUSE to provide services for a fee.

Interested museums should download the application form and questionnaire below, and submit the completed forms back to Andrea Miskewicz postmarked by the deadlines. Andrea Miskewicz can be reached at:

Museum of History and Holocaust Education
3333 Busbee Drive (KSU Center 3333)
Kennesaw, GA 30144


After approving a request for a MUSE consultation, the MUSE committee will submit a list of appropriate consultants to grantee for selection. The consultant will arrange a site visit with the host museum within three months of the date of the assignment. The consultant will review MUSE application materials and may request more information prior to the site visit.

Within 30 days after the site visit, the consultant will submit a report summarizing findings and recommendations to the host museum and to the MUSE program. The consultant is provided an honorarium when the assignment is completed. One year later, the host museum will complete a questionnaire about the degree to which the consultant's recommendations have been implemented. Museums should also submit a short article for possible inclusion in the GAM newsletter, reporting to the membership about the project.

Individuals interested in becoming a MUSE consultant should complete a Consultant Application (see below), and must be a GAM member.

PDF MUSE Consultant Application

PDF MUSE Grant Application and Brochure

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A Life at the Museum: Exploring Types of Museum Careers from Maryville University in Saint Louis, Missouri, is a good overview of museum careers and how to prepare for them.

The Sustaining Places website hosted by the Museum Studies Program at the University of Delaware is an online encyclopedia of resources for small museums and historical organizations. is an online resource for learning about school accreditation (in this case art schools) and for finding accredited traditional and online programs that best meet your needs.

Museums of Georgia Brochure

GAM has prepared a brochure promoting Museums in Georgia. The brochure is distributed in all 11 Georgia Visitor Centers. Each GAM Member Museum is included in all Brochure printings.

The State of Georgia Visitor Centers were visited by almost 18 million visitors in FY06.

Brochures can now be ordered from:
Tourism Division - VIC Shipments
Bobby Dodd Institute
2120 Marietta Blvd. NW
Atlanta, GA 30318

PDF Brochure Front Map (2.0 MB)
PDF Brochure Back Panels (1.1 MB)

Travelling Exhibits

Artisans on the Square, Greenville, GA offers "History told in Colorful Yarn Paintings," two exhibits of works by Annie Lucille Greene of LaGrange, GA. The most recent collection of 33 yarn paintings is her story in the book What Color is Water? Growing Up Black in a Segregated South. The book covers her childhood in Hinesville GA through her early years in teaching in LaGrange from 1955 until desegregation of the schools in 1970. Georgia Farm Life in the 1940s is her first series of 37 yarn paintings, which was completed in the late 1990s and traveled to many Georgia Museums before she published the stories in 2006. For information about bringing one or both of the exhibits to your museum, visit the website or call/e-mail Linda Glenn Wilburn at (404)386-1328,

The Georgia Southern Museum, Statesboro, GA offers "From Protest to Peace: Murals by the Bogside Artists of Northern Ireland,". For information email Brent Tharp at or call 912-478-5444. The exhibit website is

September 1, 2014 marks the centenary of the extinction of the passenger pigeon. Project Passenger Pigeon, a coalition of over 150 organizations, has formed to use this event as a teaching moment to familiarize people with the story of the passenger pigeon, and to use that story as a portal into consideration of current events related to extinction and the connections between people and nature. A free exhibit, created by the University of Michigan Museum of Natural History and consisting of nine downloadable museum panels, is now available to all institutions interested in participating in the anniversary. Entitled "A Shadow Over the Earth", the exhibit discusses the passenger pigeon story, extinction more broadly, and steps we can take to preserve the biodiversity that is still with us. For more information, visit

The Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History, an affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution, announces its traveling exhibition "Portraits in Gray: A Civil War Photography Exhibition featuring the collection of David Wynn Vaughan." Please contact Ava R. Wilkey at or 770-427-2117 extension 3058.

The Ty Cobb Museum in Royston, GA offers "Ty Cobb: The Georgia Peach" a traveling exhibit available for loan to Georgia museums. For details, contact Candy Ross at 706-245-1825 or by email at

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